FREE Top 7 Best Automatic Video Editing [2023]

FREE Top 7 Best Automatic Video Editing [2023]

The convincing social videos are resonating with users, which is fantastic news. Several brands are still struggling to establish a presence on social media platforms. They lack the ability to create high-quality professional videos and effectively represent their brand on social media.

With the recent availability of cutting-edge technology, several resources are now available to make the video editing process simple and manageable. Because they lack video editing skills, many small business owners wonder if there are any automatic video editing tools available. Look into some of the automated video makers to assist you with the editing process.

Automatic Video Editing

1. Rocketium

Rocketium is an auto video creator that provides a cloud-based platform and automated custom solutions (APIs) to social media marketers and small businesses in order to create videos on a large scale. This computerized video editing software includes pre-installed themes, artificial intelligence, customization tools, an instant preview function, and other features. Rocketium makes video editing enjoyable and aims to provide users with an understandable video creation solution. Rocketium’s characteristics are as follows:


  • It offers a built-in article-to-video converter feature
  • Record and upload your video and add voice-over support
  • No need for technical knowledge or design experience to use Rocketium
  • Comes with over 200 templates and themes
  • Offers wide-ranging branding preferences with logo import option and a range of palette colors, music, fonts, outros, and intros
  • Over 2 billion royalty-free stock images, music tracks, and video clips from Pixabay, Pexels, Storyblocks, Soundstripe, Wikimedia, and Shutterstock
  • Allows video creation in the landscape, portrait, and square orientation for mobiles, desktops, and tabs
  • Automatic translation to 100+ languages and lets you connect with audiences globally

2. Magisto

Magisto is an intelligent and powerful auto video creator powered by artificial intelligence. This software is designed to be a dependable 24/7 personal video maker known for its ability to semi-automate your video editing process. It enables you to create an engaging and unrivaled product and marketing videos on a large scale. The Magisto semi-automatic video maker has the following features:


  • Magisto offers numerous themes
  • Choose the editing style and the soundtrack from the Magisto library
  • Artificial Intelligence powered semi-automatic video editing tool
  • Add logos and captions
  • Edit and rearrange scenes
  • Unlimited HD movie downloads
  • Premium editing styles
  • Create longer movies in unique business styles
  • Commercially licensed music

3. Pond5

Pond5, the automatic video maker, is the world’s largest video content marketplace, providing creators, filmmakers, and producers with a variety of editing tools and inspiration to help them improve their videos. Pond5 is constantly evolving to make the features easier to use, with revolutionary features such as visually searching videos and major video-editing software integrations. Pond5 is of high quality.


  • Offers infinite scrolls
  • Drag and drop features
  • Advanced search option
  • Several pre-made templates and Pond5 clips
  • Animated texts with your fonts and colors
  • Perfect soundtracks to match the visuals
  • Place your logo directly in the video for stress-free branding

4. Muvee

Muvee audio video creator is a powerful video editing software that can be used to create videos and slideshows. It is also a DVD authoring software that is simple to use. Muvee’s characteristics are as follows:


  • Remarkable and discreetly priced shortcut for bringing music, motion, and effects to videos and photos
  • Automatically edits your videos clips and sets them to music
  • Auto crop and zoom
  • Easy sharing of your videos
  • ten different menu layouts


LIFE.FILM is an automatic video maker that uses the best moments from videos to create a short video clip. This video editing software has the following features:


  • It is an auto-video creator
  • Magically captures each day and turns it into a video
  • Artificial Intelligence to analyze the best video moments and turn them into the video
  • upload the video of your tour or outing and relax as the editor automatically edit a video to bring out the best moments
  • Create a movie within 20-30 minutes and share it on the social media platform

6. MAGIX Fastcut

The MAGIX Fastcut video editing software is simple to use and includes automatic optimizations, eye-catching editing templates, and unique effects. MAGIX Fastcut allows you to concentrate entirely on your journey without having to worry about blurring images or other video-setting options.


  • Optimized audio and stabilized images
  • Range of cinematic templates and effects
  • Easy slow-motion functionality
  • Direct video upload from the software
  • Perfect sound setting options
  • Wide angle distortion corrected easily

7. is an automatic video editor that helps in editing professional videos without much user interference. The system automatically grabs data and edits videos for users.

Users of pay a subscription fee each month in exchange for access to four films. Cleveland asserts that this method is faster and less labor-intensive than engaging a freelance editor, which may take up to a week for every video. Since the platform’s August launch, there are now 100 active users.

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