Car Jacks and Floor Stands: A Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

Most people have replaced a tyre at some point in their lives. Although a spare tyre is a requirement, a jack is a second-most crucial gear for the operation. Without car jacks and floor stands, it is impossible to raise the car off the ground.

Uses of the best hydraulic jack for car india is not limited to tyre changes. Additionally, they can quickly transform any area into an automobile workshop. This will allow users and mechanics to service and repair vehicles in your driveway.

Vehicle accessories are rather safe and trustworthy as long as you use them correctly. You must ideally choose the right jack and stand for the weight of the car.

A Simple Guide to Purchasing Car Jacks and Floor Stands

You’ll need car jacks and floor stands to work underneath your automobile unless you have superhuman strength. There are numerous types available to give you the boost you need.

Here are a few reliable car jacks and floor stands to assist you with your work. You can use them either to change a tyre or give your car new breaks pads.

  1. Scissor Jacks

A scissor jack is the kind of jack that people use most frequently in car trunks. It generates the lifting power with the aid of a screw mechanism. This sort of jack’s portability and compact size are its key benefits.

You must raise or lower the car by turning the screw on the jack. The engineers position this screw underneath the area that needs elevation. People often use the car’s included tyre iron as the handle.

Most of the time, you can use the car jack and floor stand that comes with the car. This will help you to fit the precise lifting holes on the car. If you need a replacement, make sure it provides the vehicle with a suitable lifting capacity.

  1. Floor Jacks

A floor jack is the most typical jack used for upkeep and repairs. They are simple to manoeuvre and place in the precise location that requires lifting. You must turn the jack to raise or lower the vehicle. You can always find it beneath the part that requires elevation.

You can accomplish it by pumping a long handle on a low-to-the-ground, four-wheeled device. A circular disc known as the jack saddle makes contact with the car.

You could move the base unit with ease due to its low profile. The operator must turn the handle counter clock-wise to close the valve before pumping the handle to raise the jack. To open the valve and lower the jack saddle, you can alternatively turn the handle in the opposite direction.

The workhorse of the car jack and floor stand world, floor jacks are indispensable. This is especially true when a mechanic needs to go beneath the car to do maintenance.

  1. Bottle Jacks

This bottle-shaped jack lifts massive machinery and heavy vehicles using hydraulic pressure. You should use these jacks on a solid, flat platform and have a large lifting capacity. You could raise the car by inserting and pumping a lever.

Bottle jacks are not the ideal solution for changing a tyre, despite their enormous capacity and convenience. This is because they do not have the mobility of a floor jack. It essentially makes them unable to operate on the side of the road.

Before utilising a bottle jack, make sure it can support the vehicle’s weight. This is the industry-standard for all car jacks and floor stands.

  1. Slide Jacks

You should ideally place the slide jack stands underneath a car. You can do this once you raise it with a floor or bottle jack for safety and stability while you operate. Car engineers design these gadgets to keep your automobile stable if the floor jack or bottle shifts while you’re working.

  1. Car Lifts

A car lift is essential if you own a business that performs costly repairs like transmission service. You have all the room you need to work comfortably and roll extra gear underneath the truck.

  1. Ho-Lift Jack

A raised car or an off-road vehicle would utilise this unique type of jack. The auto-technicians typically use these jacks when you are on or off the road. If you are utilising different car jacks and floor stands and the terrain is difficult, you will find similar applications.

Hi-lift jacks can lift a vehicle to five feet and have a capacity of 7,000 pounds under appropriate use. They are challenging to transport in a standard car. This is because they are typically 3 to 5 feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds.

Safety Advice When Using Car Jacks and Floor Stands

There are a few safety measures you must follow, though:

  1. For tips on where to elevate and support your car, consult the owner’s manual.
  2. The ideal way to lift the car off the ground is to utilise a jack. But utilise jack stands to ensure that it is there.
  3. Never work below a vehicle that is standing only on jacks; always use jack stands.
  4. You must always use a level surface when using a jack and jack stand.
  5. Before getting under the car, give the jack stands-mounted vehicle a light shake to ensure it is stable.

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