Veo Electric Scooter

How Fast Does The Veo Electric Scooter Go

An official cooperation between SIU and the city of Carbondale’s veo electric scooter has been announce. The bike map and the SIU and Carbondale scooter rules should be review prior to any rides.

Any adult in the Carbondale service area may rent one of more than 300 scooters. This includes locals, students, and tourists.


Veo Scooters are easy to ride. Just follow these three simple measures.

  • To get the VeoRide app, click here.
  • You can get VeoRide on both the App Store and Google Play. Customers may see the coverage region and scooter locations here. Payments for rides may also be made using VeoRide.
  • Locate a free veo electric scooter and get on it.
  • The VeoRide app may be used to locate nearby scooters.
  • Disable the lock on the scooter.

Between the grips of each scooter’s handlebars is a QR code. The door will open when you scan the QR code with a smartphone.


Use designated bike lanes and pathways wherever feasible. When both are taken, use the right side of the road or even the sidewalk, but remember that pedestrians have the right of way. Avail discount on veo promo code.


When you get there, leave the scooter in any of the designated scooter parking spots. In order to find parking spots that have been cleared for use, please visit this link. After using a scooter, users are require to take an “end of ride” picture showing that the scooter was park legally and was not obstructing any streets or driveways.


Our goal is to make micro-mobility a legitimate mode of transportation, with the end goal of decreasing reliance on private automobiles and increasing the use of shared, alternative modes of transportation.- Veo electric scooter


Veo scooters provide a kind of micro-mobility that has been adopt by Southern Illinois University and the city of Carbondale in an effort to improve access between the two. These veo electric scooter are useful for getting the final mile or so from the dorm to the classroom or from the bus stop to the office door.

Veo delivers two different kinds of vehicles to the people of Carbondale, Illinois, and the University of Southern Illinois: the seated Cosmo e-scooter and the standing Astro e-scooter.


The Astro standing scooter has front and rear suspension, front and rear lighting, and active brake lights, and is simple to balance.

The Cosmo seated scooter, with its wider tires and lower center of gravity, is a favorite among riders of all ages since it makes mobility easier for people who would prefer not to stand for extended periods. Using the Cosmo, you may take longer rides, up to an extra mile.


Our community’s multi-use routes have been outfit with policies meant to protect the well-being of those who utilize them. To ensure that the trails are used by everyone, please follow the guidelines outline below.


A same set of rules that govern bicycles also apply to veo electric scooter, which are regulate by the Department of Public Safety. Visit for additional information on the university’s policy regarding bicycles and how to ride safely on campus.

To learn more about Carbondale’s comprehensive bicycle and micro mobility policy, visit this link.

  • Always use caution and obey the signs and signals.
  • Put pedestrians first
  • To avoid accidents, go with the traffic.

To ride a Veo scooter, a helmet is not necessary but is highly recommend. Helmets are essential for rider safety on scooters, which may go as fast as 15 miles per hour.


  • Used when the operator was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Conducted with the aid of headphones or earbuds
  • Placed aboard the Saluki Express or any Rides Mass Transit vehicle.
  • Driven, parked, or transported into covered parking structures
  • Transported within (inside a residence hall or other campus building, office, or residential home)
  • Functioning to carry a large number of passengers,

If a user violates any of these rules, they may be given a citation by the Department of Public Safety or the Carbondale Police Department and/or a policy violation via veo electric scooter. Either of which may result in monetary penalties. A student may have their activity reported to SIU Student Rights and Responsibilities if they are a student.


Commuters may leave their vehicles anywhere they choose within the Carbondale service area, so long as it is not a restricted location. Private property, locations that prevent pedestrian access, manicured areas, parking spaces, and building entrances and exits are all examples of no-parking zones.

It is important to remember the following while parking a scooter:

  • Riders need to provide at least three feet of space on each side of a parked scooter for passing pedestrians.
  • Riders are responsible for making sure that their scooters are not parked in a way that blocks a ramp, sidewalk, or other access route.
  • Scooters must not be parked where they will interfere with fire hydrants, patio tables, or any other pedestrian infrastructure.
  • A rider is not permitted to park on a homeowner’s driveway.
  • You can’t leave a scooter in a space designated for a vehicle or motorbike.

Scooters need to be park close to the bike racks. Scooters are permitted to be stored on bike racks if there is no other convenient parking nearby.