Airport Management



Airport Management is the team that manages the operational needs of every airport in the world.Their role is to ensure smooth operation of the airport, maintain security,provide state-of-the-art facilities to its customers,customer service and host innovative programs with various airport agencies and airlines.As an airport manager,you will work closely with your team to meet the needs of your passengers and leave a long lasting impression by providing a satisfying experience.

You also get a chance to participate in exciting international conferences and seminars to exchange ideas and best practices with other airports in the world.You also need to keep a close eye on detail.The people who manage the Special Airport System (SAS) are also part of the team,but they operate from areas outside the terminal buildings.Their task is to ensure the high functioning of the aircraft. Their duties include managing traffic around the runway, handling baggage, organizing visits for critical personnel,etc.These duties require precise planning and the quality of being unruly in an unforeseen situation.


 How many of us wanted to stand out,pursue our dreams in a path that excites you.Yes,we live in a society where the future of a child is decided long before he can write a ‘career’.By when are you going to follow the decade old routine of preferring courses like B.Tech and Medicine the most?Well,someone has to come forward and tell you that there are a lot of opportunities in airport management courses that will let you be you and still create a stable future The trick is to first find the IATA aviation colleges that offer airport operations courses in Kerala.


Aviation constantly depends on human resources,and unlike other streams,there are additional opportunities for the dream job you are looking for.With diverse opportunities and career development,careers in aviation extend to arts and culture,hotels and food,ancillary services,airlines and ecotourism.What you have to do is to be motivated,stay smart and choose the right institute.


One of the leading and real-time industries in the world,which employs millions of people,is an area to enter for aspiring candidates.The aviation industry and its courses have made leaps into other sectors such as business, leisure,medicine and other sections of the society.Clearly,this is an industry to be had as a candidate and a working professional.


Upon completion of the Airport Management course,one gets certified with international accreditation.It can help in getting a great career. 


Manage your own travel agency; Become a Travel Consultant,Aviation opens many doors to wonderful career paths. 


Aviation offers every candidate to join a managerial position which helps in working in a reputed position.


Aviation Industry as mentioned for the following courses before branches – Travel & Tourism, Supply Chain Management, Airport Management, Passenger Cargo to Ground Services and much more. The academy trains thousands of aviation professionals every year with a choice of airport operations courses in Kerala with tailored courses.Universal College of Aviation is a renowned institution providing dynamic and career oriented aviation courses to the students. One of the best IATA Aviation Colleges, Universal helps you make a career in reputed airlines to secure your future.


The syllabus for these courses is extremely exciting to study.If you’re interested in the aviation sector and you want to learn more about the workflow and workings of the world’s largest transportation industry,this is even more so.Studying these courses gives students a better understanding of the departments and their importance at an airport.They are taught about the various sectors of the aviation industry and their responsibilities.After becoming part of the airport management team,students also learn about the legal and business aspects of various procedures to better understand their duties.In the first few semesters a student is taken through subjects like Communication Skills,Soft Skills,Management Process,Airport Operations,Aircraft Maintenance.

Why it is Useful

These help them grasp broad ideas about the entire industry,as well as develop and honing their skills to become a better manager. In subsequent semesters,students learn Aviation Law, Customer Service,Organizational Behavior, Cargo,Transportation Management,Crew Management. Airport housekeeping,security and logistics. These topics give them a deeper understanding of how an airport operates as it constitutes all the little details that they will have to track once they become a part of airport management. These courses also include practical sessions,project work which help the student to conduct in-depth research in their fields. It promotes creative thinking and helps the candidates to polish their overall skills as they always try to think outside the box and come up with solutions when needed. These courses usually include industrial training programs. That give you a glimpse of what it feels like to work at an airport.

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