Why Grand Island Goa is Famous

Grand Island Goa is well-known for its magnificent beaches, which draw millions of visitors from all over the world. Aside from the beaches, some islands are also beautiful. Ilha Grande is one of India’s most popular islands (Grande Island or Bat Island). People travel to Grande Island almost every day because they want to visit this haven of peace and beauty. It’s the most popular tour package, or the most popular and interesting boat ride. Goa is a lovely vacation destination. Grande island boat tour is a must-do if you want to see more of Goa.

The journey begins

Early in the morning to avoid being overheated by the sun. The boat ride is incredible.You’ll be in the middle of the sea in no time. The merchant’s bungalow and the Aguada fort can be found on the beach. These appear to be very different from the sea.

It’s an incredible feeling to be in the lap of nature and surrounded by nature. You might see dolphins twirling here and there if you’re lucky. It’s incredible to see these creatures in their natural habitat. Keep your cameras handy because you never know when a dolphin will leap into the air. Another activity that many people on the boat enjoy is fishing. The guide will provide you with a rope and bait, which you can use.

On the boat, I’m fishing. If you’re lucky, you might catch a fish and receive a standing ovation.

Following that, there will be snorkelling, lunch, and free time on Bat Island.

  • Monkey Beach Snorkeling

After fishing, you will be taken to Monkey Beach, a popular snorkelling location. Your guide will assist you in putting on the necessary snorkelling gear. You’ll be in the water exploring the marine world in a matter of seconds. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy snorkelling because it is an experience that will last a lifetime. Exotic are the colourful fishes. No one will force you; if you prefer, you can simply sit on the boat and take selfies with the Arabian Sea in the background.Snacks and Lunch.

Return to the boat after snorkelling and proceed to the bat island. Your delicious lunch will be waiting for you there. There, you can enjoy the most delectable Goa-style buffet lunch. It is a treat for non-vegetarians because you will get a nice barbequed fish, but it is also a treat for vegetarians. Eating a Goan-style lunch on a Goan beach is quite exciting. You can select from chilled soft drinks, beer, or rum as your beverage. Everything is at your disposal. The most incredible day of your life is about to end.

Beginning in the morning, 

This lunch functions similarly to a power bank. You regain all of your energy shortly after finishing your meal .and drinking, take a dip in the sea, and unwind. Spend some time relaxing on the island. You are free to do whatever you want, but please do not leave any waste on the beach or in the water. Don’t irritate nature. Simply relax your mind and soul. This is the ideal time to reflect and, of course, take photos. Only the vast Arabian Sea is visible in front of you. The blues of the sky and sea are just memories that you will capture.

Near the end,

Return to the boat after spending some time on the island. While returning, if you are fortunate enough to spot

According to our recommendations, the best time to visit Grand Island is between October and May, when the weather is cool and not too sunny. The monsoon season officially begins in June. During this time, the waters can be rough and choppy, making water sports dangerous. Furthermore, no commercial boats leave the beaches during this season. After the monsoon, the summer heat can be oppressive and unpleasant until October, when everything cools down.

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