4 Travel Looks For The Most In Travelers

One of the main questions that comes to mind when we organize a trip is the clothes that we have to take with us. You should know that it is not difficult to choose and combine good outfits if we think about it a little in advance. And it is that we can travel comfortably without giving up style; That’s why today we show you some travel looks for the most adventurous. Become a fashionista traveler with our ideas!

4 comfortable and elegant travel looks

Image Credit: StyleVore

First of all, comfort. Here we leave you two proposals with which to hit sure. On the left we can see Emily, from The sweatest thing blog, who bets on a black set of tights, sweatshirt and cap. This last accessory is very useful, you know that the hair does not usually hold divine all the way…? The touch of color puts it with metallic pink sneakers. In her bag she carries a foulard and, in her hand, a warm jacket. It’s usually cool on the plane and maybe in the destination you’ve chosen too, so wear appropriate clothing for the place you’re traveling to.

On the other hand, on the right, we see a very comfortable outfit too, despite not being sporty. It is worn by Brittany Xavier, who appears with her daughter. As you can see, she’s wearing jeans and a thick, oversized jacket. Sunglasses (essential!), sneakers and a backpack complete the look. Jadyn, the little one, can also inspire you with her look to dress your daughters: tights, sneakers and cardigan, a safe bet.

For a rural destination

There are two ways to enjoy a getaway to the countryside or to a rural destination. One is to put on some hiking boots, load up your backpack and head out to explore the surroundings. You can always add a cool touch to your outfit by combining a hat, sweater and sneakers, as Aggie from Travel in her shoes has done (photo on the left).

On the other hand, we have a more relaxed and fashionista way. Shirt, jeans and espadrilles. These three things are what Julie (right) has chosen to take on a trip to a small town on the French Riviera. This shoe is ideal for walking through the cobbled streets of the towns and the worn jeans give you freedom of movement.

For a sun and beach destination

Image Credit: StyleVore

In summer, when you travel to a sunny and hot destination, you can choose to dress elegant or a little more hippie with the typical Ibizan white dresses and a bikini underneath. For example, on the left you can see Helena from Brooklyn Blonde wearing a black dress and sandals. It gives it a very chic air while still being fresh and comfortable.

With a more casual style we find Camila on the right. She wears a mini dress with a print, a hat, a crossbody bag and nude espadrilles, which visually lengthen the legs and are very comfortable. The footwear seems to us the ideal for a trip during the warm months, together with the sandals, they are the stars of the summer.

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For a trip to the snow

We love travel looks to snow destinations! We believe that they allow a lot of combinations of those risky ones that always look good. Keeping in mind to always go warm and with suitable footwear, you can play with outerwear of different materials and colors. Look at ATLANTIC // PACIFIC’s Blair (on the left). She wears a winter knit skirt, thick tights, boots, socks, sweater, jacket, coat, scarf and hat. She hasn’t faltered when it comes to putting on layers and layers, and the result is not bad at all!

For a Roadtrip

Think that you are going to be sitting for many hours: both the times you drive and when you go as co-pilot. A roadtrip is a very cool experience because you will drive through a lot of beautiful places, the roads sometimes hide some spectacular views! So it will be better that the first stop catches you great in case you have to take a few photos. Jacey, from the Damsel in Dior website, is in the photo on the left, at one of the stops on her last car trip. You can see how elegant and simple her outfit is: rolled-up long-sleeved shirt and black pants, hat, sunglasses (very important for car trips) and black sandals. Super comfortable and perfect.

On the other hand, in the photo on the right you can see Christine in… pajamas! Yes, pajamas, why not? You will be inside your car and no one will see you, you will be very comfortable (especially if it is a long journey) and, to get off, you can always wear street shoes. Sounds like a great idea to us! If you are traveling with children, we also believe that it is the best option.

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