6 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Phone Under 10,000

Finding the perfect smartphone suitable for your needs is important as you are possibly going to use them on a daily basis for the next 3-4 years. If you are in the market going through different 4G or 5g mobiles to find the best phone under 10,000 that can take care of your requirements, there are certain aspects you must be aware of before sealing the deal. Here is a list of the most important factors that you must check before purchasing a new smartphone:

Allot a Budget

To begin with, allot a clear budget for the 5g mobiles you wish to purchase after carefully considering your cash flow. It can be disappointing to chase all the top-tier features you need but end up with an affordable price tag that may burn a hole in your budget. Instead of randomly going through several entry-level and mid-range devices, try to analyse the price bracket you are comfortable with. Be ready to be slightly flexible with the allotted budget, as the final device cost of your desired mobile model may fluctuate a bit depending on the variant you finalise, such as higher RAM or storage space type.

Chalk out your requirements

After setting a clear budget, it is crucial to determine several clear-cut features that you need based on your usage type and requirements and then go ahead to compare different 4G or 5g mobiles’ specs side-by-side. Generally, the best phone under 10,000 recommended by your friends or sales staff might not be a great fit for your needs, as the basic device features one actually needs the most can vary from user to user. You will definitely want to avoid paying extra for something you’ll never use.

Battery capacity matters

If you are an intensive smartphone user and the battery pack is not up to the mark, you will end up spending more time finding a plug point to charge your handset. For intensive usage, opt for the best phone under 10,000 that comes with a bigger battery unit (5,000 mah or above), as it can be an ideal option for your long hours of casual gaming or media consumption over the phone.

Processing Speed

The Processor/chipset/ SoC of any smartphone can play a crucial role in determining the final performance of a device, along with some other factors.

Without going deeper into how to pick a suitable chipset, a simple thumb rule here is to pick the best phone under 10,000 that runs on the Android system is:

A higher number on the processor model name means superior performance. For instance, a smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 888 is bound to perform way better than a mobile with Snapdragon 870.

Nonetheless, the RAM also plays a crucial role in boosting the chipset’s performance. Hence opting for a higher RAM type is an excellent choice while finalising any 4G or 5g mobiles.

Camera Configuration

If you intend to capture good-quality photographs with your new smartphone, then make sure the camera profile is good enough to offer you clear and crisp images. Instead of blindly opting for the device that comes with the highest number of cameras, check the megapixels (the higher, the better), apertures (the lower, the better) and functions (ultra-wide, macro, telephoto, etc.) of individual cameras.

Storage space

While selecting the best phone under 10,000, you need to double check on the amount of storage space you are getting and if the device comes with a memory card slot so you can upgrade the storage space in the future if the need arises.

We are confident that this mobile buying guide will come in handy with its effective tips to assist in making a well-informed choice while picking the best phone under 10,000. Now you will be able to make a systematic approach to grab the perfect 4G or 5g mobiles for your requirements and budget. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite smartphones due to budget constraints, then again, we are here to bail you out of the situation. Keep reading to explore more.

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