Advantages of Buying a Used Car in UAE

Advantages of Buying a Used Car in UAE

Buying a used car for sale in Dubai is popular as there are usually plenty of good bargains to be had. The country’s used car market is growing and is expected to be worth AED 112 billion by 2025. Of course, a test drive is highly recommended when buying a used cars in Dubai and you still need to follow your emirate’s registration procedures.

When you buy a used car through a car dealership, the administrative processes usually become simpler and less bureaucratic. For example, the last owner should have presented the previous registration documents for the vehicle. Many car dealerships will also do much of the car registration process for you.

However, if you are buying a used car through a dealer, you still need to provide the following documentation:

  • UAE Residence Visa
  • Emirates Id Card
  • Passport Copy
  • Car Insurance Documentation
  • Valid Driving License Which Should Correspond To The Emirate Where You Are Registering The Car
  • Test Certificate From An Authorized Test Center As Proof Of Roadworthiness; Cars Older Than Three Years Must Pass An Inspection


When you buy a used cars in Dubai through a dealership or an established car market, the administrative processes usually become smoother. You also enjoy greater consumer protection – such as guarantees in the event of a problem with the car – than with a private purchase.

Most car dealerships have service centers where you can drop off your used car for repairs, service and maintenance. If you buy a used car privately, you have to go to a service point. Many dealership service centers will work on cars they haven’t sold, but it’s worth shopping around to find a reliable mechanic.

In particular, the same processes apply to registration no matter how you buy a used car. You can check if the car was in an accident. There are also some online resources to help buyers check the average prices for new and used cars for sale in Dubai.

There are several payment options when buying a used car in the UAE. When purchasing through a dealership or car dealership, you can pay by cash, card, check, or bank transfer. If you need a car loan, many car dealerships can also help you arrange one with a bank if you don’t want to do it yourself. And if you’re shopping privately, you can pay by cash, check, wire transfer, or arrange a personal loan through a bank.



As already mentioned, well-known car dealerships sell both used cars and new cars. As such, they can help make the process less bureaucratic; although you may have to pay a premium for this additional level of service.

Used car markets, so-called souks, are another option. These can have hundreds or even thousands of used cars for sale in Dubai at any given time, giving buyers looking for a good deal plenty to choose from.


It is not uncommon to buy a car from a private owner in the UAE and this has become much easier with the advent of the internet and social media. Longtime expats may remember the days when they bought a newspaper for classified car sales ads.

You will need to arrange the same paperwork for roadworthiness testing, registration and insurance as if you were buying used cars in Dubai through a dealership or auto market. You also have to organize this yourself. And if you can’t pay immediately in cash, by check, or by bank transfer, you’ll need to organize a personal loan.


Given that modern cars are lasting longer than ever, it’s pointless to say that brand new cars are comparatively more reliable than old ones. Along with the fact that technology is thriving by leaps and bounds, new and improved safety features equals technology that allows a used car to last longer and retain its value. As a result, even a car that is not bought straight off the assembly line can be driven for years without any problems.


When buying used cars for sale in Dubai, the registration process is the same whether new or used. Cars are registered annually and must be registered in your Emirate of residence.

These Are The Following Steps You Need To Follow To Register A Car In UAE:

  • If the vehicle is at least three years old, it must be checked by an authorized inspection agency.
  • Make sure the car is insured and you have all the insurance paperwork.
  • You must pay any outstanding traffic fines.
  • Apply for the registration of your car by visiting a registration office in person or through any of the available online channels.
  • Gather the relevant emirate registration papers.
  • Get a new license plate if it’s a new car. Used car buyers will receive a re-registration. There is a sticker on the license plate with the registration expiry date.


After you’ve bought and registered your car, there are a number of vehicle ownership costs you need to consider, such as:


The cost of car insurance depends on the type of car, whether it is for work or leisure, personal risks such as age and driving habits, and previous claims. Many insurance companies operate in the UAE, including international brands. It pays to get multiple quotes, as costs can vary significantly between insurers.


Maintenance costs vary depending on the vehicle type and where you take it for maintenance and repairs. A service plan may be included when purchased through a dealer. In particular, paid services at large dealerships can cost more than small, independent mechanics.


Many expats buy used cars in Dubai when moving to the UAE. In addition to being cheaper than many other countries, desert drives are a popular pastime. Therefore, gear like a tow rope and desert shovel make sense. Just remember to always drive at least three cars into the desert, keep cell phones charged, and make sure there are at least one or two experienced desert drivers in your group.

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