Skiing Courses in Gulmarg

All About Skiing Courses in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a small town that is a renowned hill station and one of the most popular skiing sites in India. This place is perched at an elevation of about 2950 meters above sea level near the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is 31 km away from Baramulla and 49 km away from the beautiful site of Srinagar. This paradise on earth allows you to witness wide ranges of snow-clad mountains and glaciers and even skiing along these breathtaking sites. 

The area is peaceful and tranquil and the warm hospitality of inhabitants will make you speechless, you will feel spellbound at this heavenly destination. Skiing courses in Gulmarg is a most popular activity during winter.

Best time to enjoy skiing at Gulmarg

When travelers are planning to go skiing, the best time to visit this heavenly destination is during winter. Most places have snow during winter and if you want to have an adventurous skiing expedition, then it is the perfect time to relish the inexplicable experience. The winters are full of surprises at Gulmarg, the weather conditions sometimes get a bit extreme otherwise this will give you a perfect skiing experience across snow-filled terrains.

Things to know about Skiing courses in Gulmarg

Skiing courses in Gulmarg is a wonderful adventure that will give you an exceptional experience, this activity is full of life and it will force you to live to the fullest and forget all your worries. At Gulmarg travelers even get the opportunity to learn basic skiing via many of the courses that are available there and then relish skiing in the uneven terrains of Gulmarg. 

The basic skiing course is best to begin your skiing journey, there you can learn the basics quickly and easily with the help of professional and perfect instructors who will guide you throughout your journey. This is best for amateurs to introduce themselves to the world of skiing. The skiing course at Gulmarg will build a foundation for beginners so that they can easily ski their way out from easy to moderate snow terrains. This will help the novices to gain confidence in themselves in the field of skiing. 

After this course at Gulmarg, the travelers will easily traverse through short and longer parallel, and they can Learn to take turns property and come to halt easily. This course will enable you to feel confident and independent in yourself while skiing at this wonderful destination of Gulmarg. 

The participants will even get certificates for participation, graduation, and even merit certificates with grades according to their skills and the grades at which they perform and pass all the tests at a basic level. This will even give them a sense of accomplishment to the travelers.

Learning per day

On the first day, the travelers cover the distance to reach the destination of Gulmarg from Srinagar. On the 2nd day, the professionals will teach the amateurs some basic techniques of ski fitting, Gliding across the snow, and side-stepping on uneven trails during skiing. 

The third day is all about learning to control fall and snow plowing. During the 4th and 5th a, ys the learners will learn the techniques for slow plowing in the snow while skiing. On day six they will learn step turns and parallel turning methods. The rest of the days will be filled with various advanced practices across the snow, the professionals are always there to guide you and instruct you correctly about all the places and skiing techniques to be used. 

Then the travelers can head to some of the most famous cliffs to enjoy the best skiing voyages such as Gondola. 

The expense of the courses

The skiing experience is a must-try in Gulmarg and there you can get the basic course professional training for the same at very reasonable expenses. It costs approximately 30 thousand per person for getting about 10 days of training. After the training, the travelers will get the feeling of accomplishment and the expenses will prove to be worth it.

The expenses are not that much as the administration of the course also provides the places to stay to attend the skiing course. Therefore this is a must to do activity and worth the price. 


Skiing is a full-fledged adventure in itself and if the location is the heavenly land of Gulmarg then the thrill, excitement, and adventure increase. Gulmarg is a natural paradise and is full of bewitching sites. There you can experience rare flora and fauna. This site will make you speechless and the relaxing view of the place will surely remain imprinted in your heart and mind.

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