Best Things To Do in Exeter

Best Things To Do in Exeter

About Exeter

Exeter is a charming city located in the southwest corner of England, in the county of Devon. The city’s renowned university is a national park in and of itself, and the city center is charming and quaint. Exeter is both historic and livable. The town’s buildings and sites represent the best of the seacoast region’s, New Hampshire’s, and the country’s past and present. We invite you to come and explore our neighborhood.

Exeter was founded in 1638 by Reverend John Wheelwright, and it has remained an important location in the New England region ever since. Exeter served as the state capital during the Revolutionary War. Furthermore, Exeter served as a seaport in the late 1600s and early to late 1700s, primarily along what is now Swasey Parkway, at the mouth of the Squamscott River. You can get to your destination by booking a Taxi in Exeter.

How to Travel to Exeter
1. Exeter flights

Exeter is easily accessible by air, thanks to its international airport, which is located just east of the city. The airport serves flights throughout Europe, primarily with local airlines Flybe and Thomson Airways. Visitors flying long distances to Exeter frequently change planes in Amsterdam or Paris. The number 56 bus runs every half hour between the city center and the airport.

2. Exeter trains

Exeter Central and Exeter St. Davids are the two main railway stations in the city. The latter is on a cross-country line that runs from Scotland to Exeter, stopping at major cities along the way. There are also direct services to and from London that run frequently.

3. Exeter bus routes

Exeter’s central bus station has many regional services to Cornwall and the rest of the southwest, the majority of which are operated by Stagecoach and Western Greyhound. National Express operates long-distance services from the same station, including several to and from London and its airports.

Tourist Attractions

The Exeter Cavern

Exeter Cavern is a popular live music venue in the city center that encourages audience participation and features both local Exeter acts and international performers. You won’t find fancy stadium seating if you go to a show here.

Instead, the performers and the audience are nearly on the same level, making stage diving easy if you’re going to see a punk band. Punk music is especially popular because it is how the venue got its start, but you’ll find shows from other genres that are just as entertaining.

Northcott Theatre in Exeter

Exeter Northcott Theatre is the city’s flagship venue, hosting a wide range of performances ranging from dramas and musicals to comedy routines. When looking for a show to complement your holiday, you’ll find traditional theatre offerings as well as dancing performances and even family-friendly shows.

Stage plays are certainly popular, but book tickets to an opera to experience something more refined. This theatre is located on the southern edge of the University of Exeter campus.

The Cygnet Theatre

Cygnet Theatre is a performing arts venue as well as a training theatre for aspiring actors, with a focus on both classical and contemporary performances. This is a venue that takes the time to help actors develop the qualities that distinguish them, and when you see a performance, you’ll be able to see that individuality shine through.

The majority of the performances are plays and musicals, with a mix of classic favorites and new, original works that have never been performed before. It’s also convenient to get to, as it’s only a short distance from Exeter Quayside on the north side of the river.

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The Best Ways to Get Around Exeter

Exeter’s city center is very accessible on foot, and the iconic high street is now pedestrianized. Local bus services run throughout the city, including to the city’s outskirts and the university district. Stagecoach operates these relatively extensive services. Driving is also an option in Exeter, though it can be difficult during peak hours, so public transportation is preferable. Visiting these locations is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, you would need transportation to get to these locations. In Exeter, you can book a Navigo, one of the top UK-based ride-hailing services. Visit these locations to have fun while traveling and arriving on time.

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