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Camping in Jaisalmer with Desert Safari Highlights


Prepare for a memorable experience as you enjoy camping in Jaisalmer with a desert safari with your family.

Enjoy your vacations in luxurious or deluxe Swiss tents that are well-equipped.

Attend a cultural session at the campsite to get a chance to learn about the local Rajasthani culture.

Make the most of your evening by gathering around a cosy bonfire under the stars.

Go on an amazing camel ride across the golden sand dunes while having fun with your family.

Overview of the Desert Safari camping trip in Jaisalmer

Time of Check-In: 4:00 PM (Day 1)

10:00 AM is the departure time (Day 2)

Sand dunes, Jaisalmer, Sam, Rajasthan — Camp location

Regarding the Desert Safari And Camping In Jaisalmer:

Spend memorable vacations amidst the desert’s flora and animals by taking a break from your hectic schedule. Get ready for a camping trip with your family or friends on a desert safari in Jaisalmer. Staying in clean tents at the campsite will make you feel comfortable.

By going to a cultural performance, you will also get the chance to familiarise yourself with Rajasthani customs and culture. Enjoy a thrilling camel ride while taking in the breathtaking sunset sights.

Camel Safari: Take your family on a 30-minute camel safari for a wonderful time.

Cultural Showcases: Learn about Rajasthani folk culture while taking part in spectacular cultural activities at the campsite.

Bonfire: Enjoy spending quality time with your family over the toasty bonfire.


Wi-Fi: Utilize the free Wi-Fi to post about your trip to social media and share it with your friends and family.

Room service: Stay comfortable throughout your visit by taking use of the 24-hour room service.

Housekeeping: The campground has 24-hour housekeeping, so there is no need to be concerned about cleanliness.

24-hour in-room eating allows you to satisfy your hunger without leaving your accommodation.


Dining: Enjoy on-site dining at the restaurant and let the enjoyment soothe your cravings.

Cafe: Enjoy the calming refreshment of coffee in the elegantly designed cafe.

Kids Play Area: The campsite has a kids’ play area, so let your children play there all day long.

Conference Room: Use the conference room at the campsite to hold your crucial meetings.

In Jaisalmer, avoid the following:

Gadisar Lake: Boating in Gadisar Lake will provide you a memorable experience and gorgeous surroundings.

Vyas Chhatri: While visiting the renowned Vyas Chhatri, take in the breathtaking Rajasthani architecture and the lovely sunset.

Visit the renowned Vyas Chhatri and take in the breathtaking Rajasthani architecture as well as the lovely sunset.

Make sure to visit the Jaisalmer War Museum to learn more about the city’s illustrious past.

Explore Kuldhara’s ruins and be astounded by Jaisalmer’s breathtaking splendour.

How to Travel via Desert Safari to the Jaisalmer Camping:

The camp lies 4.6 kilometres from the hamlet of Kanoi. Through private or individual transportation, it is conveniently reachable.

The campsite is located 41.4 kilometres from the closest train station, which is at Jaisalmer. Within 48 minutes, you can arrive at the location.

The closest airport is at Jaisalmer Airport, which is located 53.3 kilometres away from the campsite. Within an hour, you can arrive at your destination.

The resort is 6.5 km from Desert National Park and 2.6 km from Sam Sand Dunes away from the closest important locations.

To participate in the activity, you must be at the campsite before sundown, when there will be a traditional greeting and nonalcoholic beverage served. You can take a camel safari in the dunes of the ocean from here while shooting pictures, observing nocturnal birds, and taking in the sunset and dawn.

Return to the tent after the safari to savour the delectable Rajasthani cuisine. Folk music, a dance, and a bonfire will be planned after dinner. Sit back and take it easy as you enjoy the evening.

Before you go asleep, take some time to yourself to look up at the sky and think of some great things. The next morning, while the gorgeous sunrise is shining on your skin, breakfast will be ready for you.

Regarding Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer is described as a golden city with a rich cultural heritage at its right hand, situated on the edge of a desert. This city consistently succeeds in leaving its tourists in awe of both its majesty and beauty. Thar Desert is also a gem in this area.

The desert camp is located in the Thar Desert National Park, close to the lovely villages of Barna and Khuri, and is surrounded by sand dunes. The camp has all the most modern amenities while maintaining a classic desert village look. There are also beautiful open areas where you may enjoy fantastic sunsets and sunrises over sand dunes. It is 38 miles away and situated in a peaceful area away from metropolitan bustle.

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