Cargo Flights in the Old Persian Courier Network

Courier UK To India, delivering large items and smaller packages and letters across the country. Modern technology, such as state-of-the-art trucks and high-quality roads, enable this process to be completed quickly It is possible to cross the UK south to north in less than 24 hours, although this would require some couriers to work shifts.

. Ancient communication

The Persian Empire

(ca. 550-330 BC) was vast by ancient standards, from Aegean Turkey in the west to early India in the east, at its peak

The king ruled everything; Although he entrusted the local government to his satraps, he still wanted to know in good time all important news, especially when it came to invasions, plagues, famines, etc The old messengers had to cross the empire with this message as quickly as possible. But the journey across the Empire, from Sardis to Susa and beyond, took up to 90 days on foot.

A foot messenger was too slow for vital communications. Mounted messengers were faster but still faced limitations such as the need to rest their horse and the dangerous terrain that forced the horse to walk almost as slowly as a human for fear of crippling injury

The Camino Real King Darius I’s solution was to build a 1,500-mile road, the Camino Real, that ran through the Empire and set up 111 announcement stations along it that they could leave as quickly as possible.

The journey through the Empire now took only 7 days. The famous ancient Greek writer Herodotus wrote in his histories:

“Neither snow nor rain, nor heat nor darkness of the night prevent these messengers from completing their appointed stages at maximum speed

The Romans, who conquered parts of Persia in later centuries, used continue your route

The writings of Herodotus, along with archaeological research and other historical records, have also provided us with the route of the King’s Road, so we can now follow these ancient messengers through the ancient kingdom

The Royal Highway began at Sardis, more than 60 miles east of present-day Azmir in Turkey’s Aegean. From there he drove east through north-central Turkey, passing through the Cilician gates to Nineveh (modern-day Mosul, Iraq), the former capital of Assyria Then in
it turned south to Babylonia (near present-day Baghdad, Iraq), where it divided.

The first route was northeast, then east through Ecbatana and along what later became the Silk Road. Cities, Persepolis. The operation of cargo flights is not known to the general public, in contrast to passenger flights, which are known to everyone

Because most people are likely to have flown on a passenger plane at least once in their life, or at least have visited an aircraft Terminal. Those who have never traveled on a passenger plane will still know it thanks to films and television channels. Compared to domestic flights, cargo flights are slightly different. is not aware of his daily routines. Pilots flying domestically are also allowed to fly cargo The difference is that the premium offered by the major cargo airlines is competitive and sometimes even higher than that of these flights Even in difficult economic times, freight companies benefit from high sales margins. Being a cargo pilot is therefore an attractive career option for many pilots. Courier UK To India fly the same popular heavy aircraft models, but in a cargo configuration. Some of the leading aircraft manufactures have cargo versions of their popular passenger flights Older passenger jets are also used as cargo flights by converting them into freighters in a broad renovation process

After the renovation they will be as good as new for cargo service.The flight deck of a freighter is almost similar to the flight deck of the passenger model Piloting a freighter is similar to flying a passenger flight.

Both pilots must have a special license and similar experience. However, the similarity ends with the cabin. The most striking appearance of a freighter is the large cargo door on the side. The large door is fixed to facilitate loading and unloading cargo from the main deck. There are also large side doors under the main deck for the same purpose. Every inch of available space is used for cargo In this way, cargo flight operators lay and follow the time and flight schedules to the letter. Courier UK To India flight usually makes at least one stopover before reaching its destination early in the morning. At each stop, a ground crew of mechanics, loaders, haulers, and tankers takes over and gets the job done as quickly as possible The flight crew uses this time to complete checklists, check the weather and upload new data to the navigation system.

All work is completed 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time With only 5 minutes left until departure all vehicles will disembark and a tow tractor will be attached to the front wheel of the aircraft to push the aircraft back onto the runway.

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