Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai| Everything You Need to Know about Trip

The Best Desert Journey In Dubai

This trip to the desert to Dubai is one of the high-end trips the travel agency offers. After a day of wandering around the Desert Safari Dubai, you can relax in your Beduin style camp and eat dinner under the stars. The price includes pick-up and drop-off in a private car.

So, you shouldn’t expect a typical safari in the desert. On the contrary, there will be a royal feast on the same grounds where The Planet Adventure’s tours take place. But you have to pay for your transportation to and from the site.

When most people think of the United Arab Emirates, they think of Dubai’s world-famous skyscrapers, theme parks, and restaurants. Between October and February, the weather in the United Arab Emirates is excellent for camping and driving through the desert.

Al Qudra Desert is a popular place to camp in the Emirate of Dubai. It is one of the closest deserts and can access by car in less than an hour. This Desert Safari Dubai makes it an excellent place for a weekend getaway or a camping party by one of the many lakes. Bring a first-aid kit and your 4×4 vehicle, but don’t worry if you get stuck in the woods. Since you’re close to the city, you’ll still have cell service.

Things To Do While Camping In The Desert In Dubai

This Desert Safari Dubai package includes an adventure pack, an hour-long camel caravan or Vintage Land Rover nature safari, a falconry show, a four-course lunch, and cultural entertainment. You won’t have to stay in a Bedouin tent; instead, you’ll get a stone room and a hearty breakfast. Emphasis puts on vacations that are good for the environment and true to Emirati culture.

On this trip to the desert, you will do things like dune bashing, sandboarding, and riding a camel. Before you sleep in your Bedouin tent for the night, you will eat dinner and watch performances by local artists. In the morning, you will ride a camel and eat an Arabian meal. Larger groups are welcome to participate in the events, but each night can only have 200 people.

Most camping areas have places for campers to use the bathroom. We were happy to find a campground where even the bathrooms were clean. We can indeed say that The Planet Adventure met our expectations. On a Desert Safari Dubai that is all about doing things, your driver will stop so you can rest.

Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

The same things should happen on this Desert Safari Dubai tour as they did on The Planet Adventure. Similar to the overnight Desert Safari rafting trip, but with a different name. Imagine the beautiful desert and Hajar Mountains as the sun rises. When you get off the plane, your brunch will be a real Arabian feast.

The Bedouins have engaged in the sport of falconry for quite some time. On this once-in-a-lifetime desert safari, you can learn more about this exciting way to hunt and maybe even try it yourself. Even if you are wearing gloves, a falcon may fly into your hand and out again. This exciting journey takes place in the world-famous Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

You’ll drive around in an old Land Rover during this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Likewise, your guide will utilize night-vision binoculars to point out other nocturnal desert species. A lovely desert stretch distant from the lights of Dubai is the best spot to glimpse the stars.

Even though the Dubai Safari Park still needs to be finished, you can still plan a Desert Safari Dubai for a short trip. This is where a hotel clerk or concierge would tell you to look first, so ask if you need to find a local business while you’re there. Safari rides, sandboarding, henna tattoos, food, and music at night are all available in a place that is good for kids and adults.

Common Facts About Desert Dubai

Wear loose, breathable clothing that blocks UV radiation for a day in the desert—the best things to make clothes out of our cotton and lint. On cold winter nights, most people need a light jacket or sweater. For trips into the Desert Safari Dubai, it’s best to wear shoes with sturdy soles, like walking shoes, sneakers, or lightweight boots.

Flip-flops are not a good choice because they hurt on the sand and are easy to lose on a camel ride. You should carry your hat, scarf, sunglasses, and water bottle if you’re heading someplace that doesn’t provide them.

It is essential to know that kids under five riding camels or going dune bashing is not allowed. Because of this, most service providers won’t work with kids younger than five. If you do bring your child, always keep a close eye on them. Please tell the tour company how old your child is so they can get the right car seat.

A short desert safari that focuses on activities and costs about 153 AED per person is cheap. Instead, you could spend up to 2,100 AED on a fancy dessert meal for the two of you. Go to the trip recommendations summary and use the links to make a reservation.

What you want to do is up to you. Evening Desert Safari Dubai is great for tourists who want a real feel for a place because they usually include a barbecue meal and live entertainment. If you can’t decide between a desert sunset and a desert sunrise, you might want to go on an overnight safari.

During Ramadan, most tours will go as planned, but special events like dance performances will not. Read the fine print carefully if you want to go on a trip during Ramadan.

Going On Dubai Safari Is A Good Idea

That’s just correct! Even more so if the tour company you go with cares about protecting the environment, giving fun and educational trips, and taking good care of the animals. Desert Safari Dubai is still a good idea. But if you want to see everything the area offers, you should look into tours and find one with good reviews.

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