How to draw Athena 

Athena draws in just 6 straightforward measures! In modern times, we see various mythologies and legends as incredible stories filled with incredible, larger-than-life characters. In ancient times, they were more than just stories and characters and were an integral part of the lives of the people who believed in them. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, kids drawing, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

In ancient Greece, the gods were incredibly important, and Athena was among the most revered. Associated with traits like warfare, wisdom, and protection, she was highly celebrated, and learning to draw Athena is a great way to show modern appreciation for her! That’s what this tutorial is for, and although we’re working on a detailed drawing, we’ll make it easier by breaking it down into small steps. So be sure to get the benefit of this step-by-step guide on drawing Athena that we have prepared for you!

How to draw Athena – allow contact to form!

Stage 1

We noted in the opening to this direction on removing Athena that this is a rather complicated picture, but as long as you observe all the measures, you’ll be capable of doing it! With that in reason, we’ll begin this principle by removing her skull and looking. First, we’ll start with the war helmet that she wears. We’ll use a curved line for the visor that sits over her eyes. This will have circles on the far right, and a strap will fall off. You can complete this step by drawing the top of the helmet and then outlining her face with some facial features. So you are ready for step 2 of the guide!

Step 2: Now mark the face of her hide.

To create a more dramatic and stunning look for Athena, we’ll give her lots of loose hair around her head. This section may seem complicated, but it can be easy to do! To draw this hair, we’ll use many curvy, wavy lines around the helmet and head to create the different sections. That’s all there is to this step, so we’re ready for the next part!

Step 3: Draw her report, spearhead, and other factors.

We will add many things in this next step of our how-to-draw Athena guides. First, we’ll draw her first hand next to her head. She will hold onto a spear, and the spear will have a broad, sharp point at its end. Next, we’ll draw another big curl of her hair. This can be done by drawing circular lines behind her head. The last thing we will draw in this step will be an owl wing on Athena’s right side. You can draw this outline with a curved line and add the feather details.

Step 4: Then extract the rest of the owl and more fur.

You started drawing an owl in the previous part of your drawing of Athena, and we will finish it in the next step. Owls are often associated with Athena, and you can finish by drawing her head with some facial details. The other wing will be lowered and positioned so that she appears to be resting on her shoulder. Once this owl is drawn, next we’ll add a few more curly strands of hair that extend close to her shoulder on the left side. Then you’ll be prepared for the last points in the following measure!

Step 5: Measure the Final Points to Your Athena Graphic

This step of our how-to-draw Athena guides will see you adding the final details and elements to complete it. First, start by adding some simple line details to her helmet visor to give it more definition. The final aspect of the drawing will then be to draw a bouclé fabric for the garment she is wearing. This will be drawn with curved, rounded lines below her neck, and you’re ready for the final step! Before continuing, you should also feel free to add her additional details. One idea would be to draw a background, and if you went with that idea, what kind of setting would you place it in?

Step 6: Finish your image of Athena with dye.

You are now in the final stage of your drawing of Athena, and you are ready to finish it with some colors. Our reference image shows you only one way to color this image. We used golden yellows for her hair while balancing it with browns for her headpiece and blue for her tunic. However, you can go for many different colors, and this is your chance to express your creativity!

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