Ecommerce SEO Trends: 5 things to know for 2023

eCommerce is a growing obsession for people around the world. In the aftermath of the pandemic, eCommerce had a tremendous boom. Ranking in Google search results depends on the SEO performance of any website. Ecommerce is not an exception to that. A good eCommerce SEO agency always looks for eCommerce SEO trends that will help them boost the traffic to its clients’ websites. 

  1. Voice search optimization

People are becoming lazier with advancements in technological practices in different areas of the world. People are slowly moving away from typing and searching online and embracing voice search. So, if a website performs well in capturing the voice and providing exact results to users, it will satisfy the users. People are embracing voice search devices more and more these days. People now have a new mania with Alexa, Google Mini, Siri, and other digital assistants. In fact, 29% of people use voice devices for shopping, and 41% of people who have any voice device intend to utilize them for shopping purposes in the future as well. So, optimizing voice search would be a trump card for eCommerce SEO in 2023. 

  1. Retailers will face fierce competition from brands and publishers

Brands and publishers are slowly replacing retailers in Google search results. In 2023, retailers would have head-to-head competition with other retailers as well as brands and publishers. Nowadays, brands prefer to sell products directly to customers. People who have some brand preferences should be showing more interest in buying those branded products from retail eCommerce websites. Rather than that, they prefer to purchase the products from the eCommerce websites of the brands. As a result, retailers are facing intense competition. Retailers may use good Best SEO services to optimize their SEO performance. 

  1. Concentrate on product schema markup

Through schema markup, search engines get explicit information about the purpose of the content on your website. Unstructured data is transformed into structured data. While keeping other SEO recommended practices in mind, adding schema will aid search engine crawling, improving the website’s rating. In particular, Product Schema Markup helps Google and other search engines to understand the pages and products of eCommerce websites. Some of the structured data that is included in product schema markup are-

  • AggregateOffer
  • Product
  • Offer

Product schema markup will provide eCommerce more space in the search results, help websites reply to user queries fast, and enhance the appearance of the website’s merchandise in search results of images. 

  1. Content-driven eCommerce

It is content strategies and campaigns that rule the digital marketing world. Content-driven commerce has become a prominent trend in eCommerce in recent years. In 2023, eCommerce owners need to differentiate their content strategies to maintain their business profitability. eCommerce websites must provide more than just product descriptions. People should get more information than just some pointed-out information about the products. That is why an ecommerce SEO agency will always look first at the contents of an eCommerce website for SEO optimization purposes. For ranking better, eCommerce websites should keep in mind the following points-

  • Putting effort into improving the content of the products.
  • Arranging categories to make it simple for customers to browse a variety of related items.
  1. Augmented reality 

The fusion of digital data with the user’s surroundings in real time is known as augmented reality (AR). In other words, the combination of the actual environment and artificially created content is known as augmented reality. AR is going to be a favorite experience for customers in 2023. If an eCommerce can integrate AR into its system, it can quickly boost traffic to its website. Here are some points where AR can help eCommerce in 2023-

  • AR can enhance the user experience of a website.
  • AR provides better visualization of the product, reducing the downsides of eCommerce. 
  • AR improves the organic search listings of eCommerce 

Good SEO services can provide eCommerce websites with a better AR solution that will enhance the user experience of the websites. 


These tips would help an eCommerce website perform better in 2023. But, also, there are other things like video marketing, improving the security of the sites, and monitoring analytics that can help an eCommerce website to rank better in search results. You should carefully choose an ecommerce SEO agency that can optimize the SEO performance of your eCommerce website. 

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