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How to Enable Keyless Car Protection in Your Car?

Gone are when you had to enter the car using only the keys. With the development in the automobile industry, automakers have included keyless car entry systems. The latest car models mostly come with keyless features with advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, car thieves have become smarter, increasing the possibility of stealing keyless cars. Therefore, keyless car protection is now a trending issue that is rising among most car owners. 

Today, the market is full of accessories for car online. This enables you to keep your vehicle safe and protected. Innovative vehicle accessories are readily available in the market. You can purchase them to enhance the protection level of your car. 

Also, if you find it difficult to carry the vehicle keys, you can buy a car keychain. It helps to store or carry the keys safely. So, whether you have car keys or key fobs, attaching them to the keychains can be a wise choice.

What is a keyless car?

The keyless car entry feature enables you to enter the car and start its engine without fumbling for its keys. These features mainly use short-range radio waves. When you have the key in the pocket, it transmits a signal. The receiver in the car picks up the signal and unlocks the doors for you.  

Your car doors will only unlock when the vehicle recognises the signals from the correct keys. Once the door unlocks, you can open it normally or by pressing a button on the keys. When you enter the car, you can operate it as usual. 

If there’s no signal or your car cannot recognise the signal, the door won’t open. No matter how hard you try, you cannot open the doors using keys that are not your car’s. You must note that the keyless car systems will enable you to unlock the doors and start the car’s engine. However, few cars will need you to unlock the door using the given keys but start the engine with another. It is mainly because its door keys and ignition keys are separate.

Common Techniques Used for Stealing Keyless Cars

Car thieves are aware of various illegal techniques enabling them to steal cars. They use advanced software to get access to the vehicles and start its engine. Therefore, keyless car protection has become so important today. Following are the ways that may increase car theft possibility:

  1. Signal Relaying

Keyless car theft occurs when someone uses the signal relaying to enter the keyless car. They do so by using a wireless transmitter. They place the transmitters in the car owner’s pocket or near their house to pick up the signals. Another person can capture this signal from the car’s fob system and enter the car. They repeat this process again to start the car ignition. 

  1. Signal Jamming

Car thieves may also use a device that transmits radio frequency similar to the original key fob. It enables them to muddle with the signal to unlock the vehicle. If the car owners press the key button to unlock the vehicle, it jams the command. It fails to reach the vehicle and keeps the car unlocked. 

  1. Close Range Testing

When left close to the car, some fobs maintain their connection to the system. When situations like this arise, thieves unlock the vehicle.

Few fobs connect to the vehicle when they are in close proximity to the car. Thieves can take these situations for granted to unlock your car.

  1. App Hacking

If spies can log in to the same app as the car’s owner, they can easily access the car. The apps that enable car owners to unlock their cars can also let spies do the same on their phones. It only breaches the security of the automobile with simply the password.

Keyless Car Protection– What Steps Can You Take?

  1. Turn Off Keyless Entry on Your Fob

You can manually switch off the wireless signal on most models that include a keyless fob. You don’t have to worry about someone intercepting the signal, making this a great method to stop auto theft.

Each vehicle has a different method for turning off the signal. You should be able to find it in the handbook. If you own the vehicle or are leasing it, you should get in touch with the manufacturer. They can also guide you better. 

  1. Lock Your Steering Wheel

Opening a car’s door won’t be enough to steal the vehicle. To steal the vehicle, the criminals must start it. By securing the steering wheel, you can thereby deter auto theft. The steering wheel lock can help to avoid the occurrence of theft of a keyless vehicle. This is one of the best ways to ensure keyless car protection.

Today, using computers is more common among auto thieves than standard hand tools. It will come as a huge surprise to them if they discover the steering wheel locked. Since they can’t drive the automobile, they must return empty-handed.

  1. Reprogram the Keys

When you’ve lost the car keys, reprogramming them is the best measure you can take to ensure keyless car protection. When you reprogram the keys, the previous keys will become redundant and stop working. So, even if someone has your old keys, it would be of no use to them. This technique could be expensive but worth it. Keyless car protection has always been an important issue for car owners. You can use these tips to prevent auto theft. Moreover, you can also check out Carorbis online store. Here you can get car keychains and other protective accessories or parts for your vehicles at a reasonable cost.

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