Kandima – Best Resort in the Maldives


Kandima Maldives is more than just a vacation, it’s an affordable lifestyle. Experience this groundbreaking new destination with 264 stylishly designed studios and villas, 10 great restaurants, and tons of fun activities to choose from. This ultra-stylish resort caters to guests of all ages and budgets, including families, couples, groups of friends, and honeymooners. Whether it’s romantic getaways, water adventures, fitness activities, spa excursions, or family time, Kandima Maldives has something for everyone. Located in Daal Atoll, the island is only 30 minutes by plane from Velana International Airport, and then by boat, it takes 20 minutes to reach this ultra-stylish island.

Maldives Summer holidays are just around the corner and most families are ready to enjoy their holidays and take a break from their daily routine. But choosing the best family resort for a vacation can be quite a hassle. Before switching to one resort that can meet your family’s needs, you should pay attention to the colorful effect. Kandima Maldives beach resort is fast becoming one of the coolest family vacation destinations for him. Friendly. Demi Cup’s crystal clear blue waters and white flax fibers have one thing that gives access to excellent water sports and other exciting adventures.

With lots of fun conditioning just for kids, parents get the important and much-needed alone time to relax and recharge their batteries during their stay. What’s more, this resort does all it can for all-day travelers – Families, adventurers, couples, and solo travelers all have a blast on this action-packed island. 

Best time to visit Kandima

If you are looking for the warmest time to visit Kandima Island, the hottest months are April, June, and May. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of the year is usually mid-April, with highs regularly hovering around 90.7°F (32.6°C) and rarely dropping below 80°F (26.7°C) at night.

Reason to go for Kandima trip

Kandima Maldives, a Lapu – Lapu city Atoll, which is just a floatplane ride from Men airport, makes this package even healthy. you couldn’t say no experience Kandima’s “Reasonably priced Luxury for Any and all” hospitality 

Kandima operates under the same one island, one resort other secret resorts located in the Maldives. They undoubtedly appeal to the younger generation around the world. The resort’s team creates a “recreated style of life” for the capable leadership of Neeraj Seth, Cluster Director – households, married people, friends of friends, and solo tourists enjoy distinctive and memorable adventures catered to meet their desires.

Arriving on a floatplane that flies low over the breathtaking Indian Ocean sets the tone for the experience. From that, one is escorted into heaven, with large spells of gorgeously blue ocean encircling a spotless white sandy seaside and Kandima island’s lush vegetation. After a brief ride, you will arrive at one of their here own 264 production companies or villas, which are divided into price brackets and amenity categories. However, whichever classification you select, the viewpoints are indisputably breathtaking.

Each of the two types of villas where we stayed also has its own allure. The first of all was the Sunset Seaside Pool Palace with Swirl Hot tub, which had a direct beachfront entrance as well as offered breathtaking sunset views. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the spacious, open restroom with a hot tub was a treat. The Ocean Pool Villa, with its strategically placed outdoor pool panoramic view of this same Indian Ocean, was the second option. It provided the typical Maldivian resort experience. This provides unrivaled sun views and, if you’re fortunate, the chance to see dolphins and other exotic sea life. According to what has been told, these same Aqua Residences with Curl Pool have become the most popular option because of their appealing price. Whatever room you select, the inviting, lively interiors.


They had many satisfies, which kept trying and really liked it. The experience was had during calming yoga techniques led by the sun yoga studio. Those who prefer more strenuous exercise can try classes like Aerial Yoga. A service at Kandima’s winner escape Jacuzzi, in which you can select from comprehensive and integrated meetings like dermabrasion or ability to heal therapeutic approaches like escapism or even the reviving Sea Fruit Secret therapeutic interventions highly recommend. their parents present, children and teenagers the therapies.

Without engaging in one of the explorations, or water sports available in Kandima Islands, a trip isn’t really complete. A fun Seabob knowledge island has just been added by the resort. Kiteboarding, Whale Quests, bungee jumping, kayaking, water sports, windsurfing. And At the Aquaholics Swim and there is each of the family, including a variety of water athletics and scuba or scuba diving in the colorful reef near Kandima Maldives. Adventurers will enjoy the UV-lit nighttime scuba which changes how you see the Maldivian ripples.

Package to visit Kandima

The average price for a 7-day trip to Kandima Island is $2,473 for a solo traveler, $4,442 for a couple, and $8,327 for a family of four. Vacation rentals range from $200 to $320 per night for the entire home. Average global airfares to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) range from USD 953 to USD 1,989 per person. On Economy flights and USD 2,991 to USD 6,241 per person in First Class. We recommend budgeting between $54 and $162 per person per day for transportation. And visits to local restaurants, depending on the activity.


Kandima Maldives is an unforgettable family vacation destination perfect for kids. At the heart of Kandima Maldives’ sprat-friendly facilities is the Kandiland Kids Club. Run by a dedicated multilingual team made up entirely of Pukka nannies. The club offers a daily program full of supervised, hands-on conditioning. That not only entertains but also educates and expands the world of Kandima’s young guests.

From freshly caught seafood to original ingredients and creative menus. Children’s picky youthful tastes don’t have to cancel their parents’ coveted gastronomic reflexes. Kandima has nine memorable dining options, including three fine dining options. From an all-day multi-cooking buffet area that truly feeds the pickiest of eaters. You would expect a tropical paradise. This is also a great opportunity to introduce the little ones to new cooking skills. And discover new dishes they will enjoy. Children can actually enjoy cooking in the triptych’s mini-kitchen. Cook or take a pizza-making class. Kandima is another beauty, wait for your exploration do book your tickets, and fall in love with it.

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