Most Attractive Begonia Genus Plants You Can Buy From Our Plant Shop

The tropics are known to be the most biodiverse region in the world. After all, two-thirds of all known animal and plant species live in old forests. It’s no surprise that the species-rich genus begonia (Begonia) also evolved there. There are about 1800 distinct species in the genus Begonia. There are other variations and hybrids of the respective species. It’s challenging to keep track of everything. As a result, we will concentrate on some of the most stunning begonia varieties for you. Begonias are classified into various sub-groups.

Leaf Begonias

These begonias are especially suitable as houseplants. There are various types of leaf begonias that you can easily buy from our plant shop, The Jungle Collective.

Begonia With Polka Dots (Begonia Maculata)

The polka dot begonia’s highly spotted leaves attract attention right away. The whitish-silver specks stand against the dark green leaves with a red underside. With their fantastic leaf adornment, these plants live in the Brazilian rainforest. As a result, they require a lot of water and prefer temperatures around 20 °C all year.

Eyelash Begonia (Begonia Bowerae)

The eyelash begonia is also notable for its distinct leaf colouration. The slightly serrated leaves are small and available in a range of colours. The primary colour is pale green, darker green tones ranging from brown to black. This results in a vivid pattern of various colours of green. The hairiness of the leaves and stems gives it its name.

Flower Begonias

Fuchsia Begonia (Begonia Fuchsioides)

The native Mexican fuchsia begonia has drooping fuchsia-like flowers in red and pink. These, however, do not appear until autumn and, if properly overwintered, will last till spring. The plant grows upright and can be kept indoors over the winter. It begins to lean with age. As a result, it makes a lovely figure in hanging baskets.

Begonia Boliviensis

This hanging begonia species is native to the mountain forests of the eastern Andes, particularly Bolivia. It bears little bell-shaped blooms and narrow, elongated leaves. It grows best in part shade. Although this begonia produces tubers as a survival mechanism, it is not classified as a tuberous begonia.


This variety’s blossoms are a vibrant red.

‘White Summerwings’:

The ‘Summerwings White’ cultivar has pure white blooms.

Begonia Boliviensis, like the fuchsia begonia, has pendulous bell-shaped blooms.

Winter Hardy Begonia Species

Begonias aren’t exactly hardy. Because the plants are from the tropics and subtropics, they are not acclimated to cold temperatures and frosts. They will die if they are exposed to them. Few species are considered frost-hardy and can be overwintered outdoors with sufficient leaf and foliage protection.

Begonia panchtharensis:

This relatively unknown species has enormous, deeply lobed leaves that can withstand winter. It was discovered a few years ago in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains and has since made its way into the plant trade.

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