Skandagiri Trek- A Perfect Weekend Escapade Under The Stars


Skandagiri is a wonderful hill near Bangalore, which is well-known for trekking and sunrise views and is also called Kalavara Durga among the locals. Furthermore, this is one of the most outstanding trekking places in Bangalore, which can be visited not only during the day but also at night. It is said that people often spend the night under the stars at the hilltop which offers a remarkable view of the surrounding highlands. Embarking on a trek on the route up the slope on a night of a full moon is one of the thrilling things that you can do at Skandagiri. At the top of the hill, the view of natural magnificence around you will be a bliss to cherish for the rest of your life. This is a perfect weekend escape under the sky you must witness.

Best Time To Visit: April to June and November to March. 

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Things to do:

Papagni Mutt: 

This temple is one of its kind, devoted to Goddess Parvati and other divinities which are regional to this spot. It is acknowledged that the spiritual vibrations of this temple are so powerful that the believers can feel them straight from the moment they walk into the temple. A special Pooja is held on Saturdays at the temple to gratify the Goddess Parvati. When visiting Skandagiri, you will discover a crowd of trekkers who make it a point to visit the temple before beginning their trekking.

Shiva Temple: 

The temple is situated on top of Skandagiri Hill. Most people visit the temple to witness its spectacular architecture. Lord Shiva, who is regarded as one of the primary divinities in Hindu society, can be worshipped in his seated avatar here. Travellers offer their regards to the holy divinity after attaining the top.

Tipu Sultan Fort: 

The fort, which was constructed by the ruler of Mysore, lies in crumbles presently but the few walls that continue standing, still manage to garner the attention of many travellers. The architecture of these walls appears to originate from the magnificence with which the fort might have been constructed. Exploring these caves is a must if you are a true adventurer. Once your trek is finished, you might depart to a stone house structure at the top of the hill.

Sleep Under The Sky Full Of Stars: 

The elegant and alluring surroundings of Skandagiri offers you a unique chance to sleep under the shade of the stars while glaring around the spectacular surroundings. This is excellent comfort for a trekker who begins a physical undertaking to try on this trip. Also, Skandgiri is one of the rare spots which enable trekking during the night.

Places to explore:

Grover Zampa Vineyards: 

This is the best place to be if you are a wine expert. The vineyards stretch an area of 410 acres and provide a chance to witness the sophisticated wineries, you can try wine tasting and get a kick out of lunch buffets.

Nandi Hills: 

The spectacular adventure location will take barely 3 to 4 hours of your time to view the sunrise or sunset at the locale. It is located around 60 km from Bangalore, some of the well-known allures to view include the Nandi Durga Fort, a special horticulture garden, the Nandi Temple, and an outstanding Shiva Parvati temple. The apex is also popular among cyclists owing to its height and routes.

Ghati Subramanya: 

This is a prominent pilgrimage location, found a few kilometres away from Skandgiri. It is a well-known Hindu temple known for the divinities Lord Subramanya and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. Which are aspects of the identical idol. This temple is highly famous among pilgrims, particularly during Brahmarathotsava.


This is a unique ancient spot, approximately 50 km away from Skandgiri, is well-known as the dance village near Bangalore and is dedicated to the glorification of dancers. Instructors from all over India arrive at the spot and offer training across numerous local and traditional dance forms. Which are widespread in the nation, like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi.

How To Reach:

By Bus: 

The bus will drop you at Chikballapur, which is the last halt on this route. From there,  you can either take a walk to reach Skandgiri or hire a vehicle to drop you off at the foot of the hills.

By Flight: 

The closest airport to Skandgiri is approximately 60 km from Bangalore. You’ll get taxis and cabs outside the airport.

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