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Some Bizarre Facts that Speech Writing Services Know 

Speech writing is bizarre. You can try to contest this notion but we all know the truth. It is truly an intriguing combination of factors in literary presentations that lends itself to more of a performance rather than an academic or information discourse. It’s no wonder that students are compelled to take help from speech writing services.  

The writers of speech writing services ensure to keep the more bizarre aspects of speech writing in mind and even inculcate it in their speech writing techniques completely. Such efforts make the speech more alluring and attention-grabbing. Let us take a look at them.   

FAKE it and you WILL make it 

Oftentimes, you can get away even with saying somewhat inaccurate things. The trick is to have the delivery correctly. One of the things that we are going to discuss in the subsequent points ahead is that audience of a speech wants the speaker to succeed. The audience you address is glaringly similar to the one in a movie theatre. Even if they want to judge you, they silently want you to succeed.  

Hence, you can get away with mishaps as long as you do not lose your confidence. If you make a mistake, only you should know it. As long as the audience doesn’t know it, you haven’t made any mistakes. So even if you don’t have the required courage and confidence, fake it till you make It.    

Less is more 

Have you ever heard of this phrase before? Less is more- what a contradiction, right? Well, not really. The rule of Less is more is very prevalent in the case of any entertainment or creative speech writing services. The idea is that when you give your audience great doses of verbal prowess in small bits, they will want more of it. However, the trick is to not overstay your welcome. You must push back a little bit, and leave them wanting more.  

One of the most classical examples is that of the Gettysburg Address. The mentioned speech, as we all know it, is one of the most famous speeches in the history of mankind, and we all remember it. Moreover, did you know that The Gettysburg Address was the morning’s second speech? The first one was…we don’t know; because we don’t remember it. It was a two-hour-long speech and we don’t remember it. Do you want to know what the length of The Gettysburg Address Is? Two minutes.    

You can see for yourself that in the case of speeches- it’s a fact that less is indeed more.     

Don’t keep quiet 

This one is a bit more obvious. All the websites that offer help with assignment, your brain, and any logical brain would say the same thing- “Of course, it’s a speech, why should anyone keep quiet at all?” But being all fast and smooth when one actually delivers a speech is not as easy as you might think. You go on the stage, and see a stadium worth of people sharded in black shadows staring at you, anticipating something powerful from behind the curtain of blinding lights; it makes even the most pro speakers go numb. The point here is- that chances are, during a write my speech, at least at some moment your body will be compelled to shut it all down and leave. However, your job is to keep pushing past that point.  

Try some anecdotes, and find your way back. The fact is that if you keep talking, you will keep the audience engaged. The audience loves engagement way more than dramatic pauses.      

The forgiving populace 

We have discussed earlier how the audience is there for a simple reason- they want an experience. Sure, they are there to judge and challenge your notions as well. However, an audience of speech is there for more than just challenging you. They want to be entertained by you. They really are actually rooting for you to take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions and ideas.  

You can use this fact to your advantage.   

Gone in seven seconds… 

7 seconds- that’s all you have!!!  

Truly, research has shown that you just have 7 seconds to actually hook your audience to your speech. That’s how low the attention span of the audience is nowadays. So, whatever your topic is, it’s your job to make it interesting in mere seven seconds. So, if you are preparing a piece, keep in mind that you have to make something worth latching onto within the first seven seconds of your opening.  

You can do anything that suits your style- a very catchy opening string of words, your stage presence, some idea or thought, etc. You just have to ensure that it’s powerful enough to grab an audience within seven seconds.  

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