Top 5 Coronavirus Dashboards and Apps

Coronavirus apps and dashboards are a great way to keep up with the latest information. These apps cover everything from global maps of the virus to its history. They are not meant to be complex, but they’ll give you the facts you need to stay healthy. Here are five of the best coronavirus dashboards and apps to keep you informed.


Coronavirus apps and pnpcoda dashboards allow health providers to monitor disease outbreaks, provide real-time disease information, and prevent the spread of disease. They use various technologies to collect information from multiple sources, including maps, interactive graphs, and user-friendly interfaces. The information can be shared with other government agencies and healthcare providers.

The app includes trend visualization, interactive mapping, videos about the virus, and more. You can download the app free on Google Play or iTunes App Store. To download the app, you must be a Filipino patriot and have a mobile device with internet access.

The dashboards and apps allow healthcare providers and hospitals to monitor the spread of the disease. They can also view statistics on the number of deaths and infections. In addition to this, the apps and dashboards can be used as educational tools for the general public. The data collected from the apps is secured and does not use location data.

Path check

The PathCheck team comprises full-time and part-time leaders, designers, and engineers with diverse backgrounds in public health and open-source software. They share a passion for technology and a desire to empower users with an effective pandemic response solution. They focus on building the best possible products and prioritize quality over velocity.

The PathCheck Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization based at MIT. The Foundation aims to develop open-source software and privacy-preserving standards to support a faster response to pandemics.


COVIDWISE coronavirus dashboards and apps can alert users of coronavirus cases and provide timely information. Currently, more than 2.6 million Virginia residents have downloaded the app. Approximately 1,900 people receive notifications every day. The app also provides data on confirmed cases, recovered patients, and deaths.

The COVIDWISE app is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores. It is a free app that will gather signal strength and duration data. This information will be stored on a server. Once a user is confirmed as having contracted Zika, they will receive a PIN and six-digit code that will allow them to match their positive test results with others. Then, COVIDWISE will send notifications to other people who may have been exposed to the virus.

COVIDWISE uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to detect the presence of COVID-19. COVID-19 is spread through human contact, and COVIDWISE uses this information to alert users to their exposure to the disease. This information is essential for self-quarantine and timely medical treatment, as it can reduce the risk of exposure to other people. And the more Virginians use COVIDWISE, the better the chances of timely notifications.


The Australian Government has developed a powerful coronavirus dashboard and app called COVIDSafe. This app uses real-time data from the centers for disease control in the US and EU to provide updated information about coronavirus infections. You can view confirmed cases, recovery rates, and deaths for specific regions worldwide.

The COVIDSafe app can also assist in contact tracing, including identifying individuals who might be infected with the virus. Users can even get a full breakdown of the number of cases in their country via the app’s live map.

Another essential feature of COVIDSafe is its privacy protection. The app’s data is encrypted and stored on the device itself. However, it then transmits this data over the internet to a cloud-hosted server. This can be exposed to attacks and leaks, so users should be careful with this feature.

COVID Defense

COVID Defense apps and dashboards help healthcare professionals track vaccinations and other data. They can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. They use Bluetooth technology to exchange random tokens that do not reveal the user’s identity. Users can also see maps of high-risk areas. Data is updated every ten to twenty minutes.

The COVID Safe app sends alerts when a contact has been infected. This app allows healthcare providers to check vaccination records and helps them keep track of the spread of the virus. The Corona-Warn-App gives notifications of safe zones and offers information on the disease. Another COVID-Safe dashboard lets family members check in with each other at designated safe zones.

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