Travel Insurance Benefits And Its Exclusions

Travel Insurance Benefits And Its Exclusions

Travel insurance is a form of insurance policy that protects against the dangers of travelling. It can cover the expenses associated with travel cancellation, lost luggage, medical expenses, and other losses. It can be for domestic or international travel losses.

Explanation of Travel Insurance

As its name suggests, travel insurance is an insurance product that provides protection against unforeseen travel-related damages and associated financial costs. It is advantageous for those travelling domestically or internationally, notably for frequent travellers.


In addition to the costs such travel insurance international policies cover, they offer several substantial advantages. These include:

  • Luggage Benefits

This policy covers cargo loss expenses. These policies may protect against losing bags, passports, essential documents, cash, and other personal items. In addition, baggage costs can be safeguarded during an emergency evacuation or other disaster.

  • Cancellation And Delay Perks

Travel insurance companies will reimburse the associated expenses in case of trip cancellation or delay due to unforeseen circumstances. Weather, labour disputes, or other factors may cause cancellations and delays. In addition, they will provide additional benefits such as access to toilets, clothing, and sustenance. Also, if you are insured under a travel policy, you can be reimbursed if you cancel or delay your trip because of an emergency.

  • Medical Benefits

Medical insurance for travel policy covers hospitalisation and medical expenses. It covers the costs incurred while travelling during a medical emergency, illness, or injury. It covers hospitalisation and ambulance expenses, among others. In panelled hospitals, cashless hospitalisation is arranged by insurance providers. In case of the insured’s demise or disability, medical expenses or hospitalisation reimbursement is also available.

  • Alternative Benefits

There are advantages, such as customised policies for travellers, persistent travellers, organisations, and senior citizens. Because their coverage needs may differ from those of others, and standard travel insurance policies may not be suitable for them. Consequently, some insurers also offer customised travel protection policies.

The coverages above are the most important ones that travel insurers offer their policyholders. Buy travel insurance after looking at the terms and conditions of each insurer’s policy.


Certain situations in which international travel insurance policies do not provide coverage are called ‘exclusions’.

Some of these exclusions include the following:

  • Under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, you lose your bearings or injure yourself. The insurer will not pay for lost luggage or medical expenses.
  • Policies do not cover existing diseases/illnesses/health issues. The majority of insurers do not cover HIV-related (Human immunodeficiency virus) matters. Neither if you travel against medical counsel.
  • Self-inflicted injuries, fatalities, and participation in adventure sports are not covered.
  • If you leave them unattended, there is no coverage if you happen to lose your passport, luggage, or other possessions. Additionally, if you conveyed your baggage separately, the policy does not apply.
  • No travel insurance is covered if you travel to a prohibited or uncovered location. These are typically conflict-prone regions. For instance, if it is experiencing a civil war or a terrorist attack.

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*Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

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