7 Great One-Day Trekking Locations Near Bengaluru!


In the Bengaluru, we people adore trekking, but we can’t spend long amounts of time in the hills. So, what are our options? We spend our weekends looking for one-day hiking opportunities around Bengaluru. There are the powerful and well-known ones, such as Kudremukha, Kodachadri, Kumara Parvatha, or Tadiyandamol. However, when you include in travel time and return, they consume the entire weekend. On the other hand, these trekking locations near Bangalore only cover those that are a couple of hours or less from Bangalore.

Here is a selection of one-day hikes around Bangalore.

Ganga Temple of Halu Chilume:

Halu Chilume Ganga Temple trip, an easy, offbeat hike little over an hour outside Bangalore, gives a sense of excitement with its thorny pathways and unknown corners.

The ‘thorn trek,’ as we call it at Indiahikes because of the thorny shrubs that line the path, is a challenging track with rocky portions, boulder sections, and forest trails all crammed into a short 5 kilometres.

There’s also an intriguing shrine with bells on a rock at the top. For the more daring trekker, there is the option of exploring the hill’s caverns or unmarked pathways.

The path is rather straightforward. You’ll encounter gravel steps and a pleasant forest hike. A ruin made of stone can be utilised as in case of severe rain, seek shelter.

Time taken: 5 hours Altitude: 2,700 ft to 3,310 foot

Trek gradient: Ascend continuously till you reach the summit. On the way back, descend

Stone stairs,stones, and a woodland track are used to ascend and descend the trail.

Betta Channnagiri/Channakeshava:

Channagiri is a less-frequented route in Chikkaballapura, located to the north west of the Nandi Hills chain. Channakeshava Betta is the local name for it. It is the headwaters of the North Pinakini River and is home to the Omkareshwara Temple. But this hill is more than its well-known sights. It’s a fantastic day hike.

Over the course of two hours, the path takes you through a surprising amount of variation. What begins with untamed vegetation and a few eucalyptus and tamarind trees eventually leads to lush deciduous woods, large boulder sections, and a pinnacle with a spectacular 360-degree view of the plains and hills surrounding it.

4,478 feet in altitude

Time required: 2–3 hours

Easy trek gradient

Type of trail: The trail is mostly made up of stone stairs that are buried in deep foliage. Boulders in little parts.


The Makalidurga hill is 4,430 feet tall and has an unmistakable hump that makes it easy to see from afar. The trail is not clearly marked. You can pick a path that corresponds to the level of difficulty you choose. All pathways lead to the fort, with arrows painted on rocks to direct you in the right direction.

4,430 feet elevation

Time required: 2–3 hours

Easy trek gradient

There is no designated path. There are a few prickly shrubs among the small and huge granite boulders.

Nandi Hills:

Nandi Giri, Brahmagiri, Skandagiri, Chandragiri, and Govardanagiri are the five summits that make up the Nandi Hills. It is One is the common name for Brahmagiri Hill. It is Nandi Hill View Point’s twin peak. Skandagiri as seen from the path, Nandi One is a route that will make you feel like a kid again. The rich green greenery and spots that need boulder jumping are a visual delight. The vantage spots provide a birds-eye perspective of the roadways that pass through the farmlands below. The eucalyptus forests at the trail’s beginning will immediately relax you. In addition, the region is full of interesting actual and legendary legends. So the next time work gets to you, pack a picnic and take your family to the park.

4,841 feet in altitude

Time spent:

Easy trek gradient

The trail is made up of dense forest and man-built stairs.

Swamy Betta Ranganatha:

At 1,552 metres, Bilikal Betta, also known as Ranganathaswamy Betta, is 60 kilometres from Bangalore on Kanakapura road. The Ranganathaswamy temple atop the hill gives the peak its name. “Bili” means white in Kannada, while “Kallu” means stone. The hilltop has remarkable white rocks, as the name suggests. The pilgrims who visit the temple utilise the hiking path, thus it is well-paved. Ranganatha Swamy Betta views at sunset.

A hike to Bilikal Betta includes narrow twisting pathways, creaking bamboos, risky stretches, and unexpected encounters with wild creatures. The hill is deafeningly quiet, which is surprising given that it’s only a two-hour drive from Bangalore. 

5091 feet in altitude

Time spent:

Moderate trek gradient

The walkway is small and bordered by plants and trees. The slope grows steeper and the trees thicker after 500 metres of flat trail.

Betta Handi Gundi:

Handi Gundi is an excellent starting trip in every way. The track is simple but thrilling, offering just the proper amount of difficulty and adventure while also delivering breathtaking vistas from the summit. Handi Gunti is an easy choice if you want to introduce youngsters to hiking. Handi Gundi trekkers in action. Swathi Chatrapathy’s photograph.

The route climbs through the grass, which changes colour each time. In the setting light, it sometimes glows golden, and other times it turns purple. In other spots, black streaks run across the grass, which then turns a wonderful brown when you least expect it.

3100 feet elevation

Time required: 2 hours

Easy trek gradient

Trail type: Scrubs, ridges, and slopes are all part of the trail.

Bhuja Yettina:

The hill’s name comes from its form, which resembles the shoulder/hump of an ox. In Kannada, “yettu” means “ox” and “bhuja” means “shoulder.” Forests, meadows, waterfalls, and streams line the routes. The last ascent is difficult, making this a popular hike. The trails might be tricky since they are hidden by heavy undergrowth.

It’s a short, simple hike in Karnataka that’s perfect for weekends. In truth, this walk is less difficult than its more difficult counterpart, Amedikkal, which is popular among experienced hikers. The mountain is just 1,300 metres high, making it an ideal beginner’s hike.

3546 feet in altitude

Time required: 3–4 hours

Easy-Moderate trek gradient

Forests, meadows, waterfalls, and streams are all accessible via trail.

The locations are suitable for trekking, are simple to reach, and are made more fun when accompanied by someone. When you are puzzled or halted, always communicate with the locals.

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