Creating a Raised Garden Bed From a Galvanized Metal Box

Creating a Raised Garden Bed From a Galvanized Metal Box

Do you have a galvanized metal box at your home? Are you interested in converting that metal box into a garden bed for yourself? Well then, you have made a very good decision for yourself because it is quite an easy affair to convert a metal box into a garden bed of your choice. You need a few tools and equipment, and you will be able to grow your garden in your galvanized metal garden bed. This is a good way of recycling and will make the entire gardening process really convenient for you. So, let us see how we can exactly create our raised garden bed in a planter box.

Clean The Metal Box: 

First and foremost, you will have to clean your metal box well. Make sure that there is no residue present in your garden bed. Otherwise, the plants are not going to grow well. You can use soap and water to clean the interior of the raised garden bed. This is going to provide favorable conditions for the plants to grow. You can also use corrugated metal planter box plans for creating your garden bed.

Add Soil To The Planter Box

Once the planter box is clean enough, it is time for you to add soil of the desired quality. Make sure that the soil is not too acidic as it is going to cause damage to the planter box. Instead, go for a soil with having neutral pH. You can also choose your soil depending on the type of plants that you are going to grow in your raised garden bed. You can also add a mixture of compost and manure. However, make sure that it is completely decomposed. Otherwise, the decomposition process is again going to make the soil acidic.

Adding the seeds: 

The next thing you must do is add the seeds to your raised garden bed. Adding the seeds is not at all a difficult task to do, and it is something that can be done really easily. You need to take a handful of seeds and sow them in your raised garden bed area. You will see that with time, your seeds will turn into a sapling. Then they will go into plants of your desired choice. Once the seats have been sown, it is time for you to enjoy the process as you start to get an excellent yield from your raised garden bed.

Shading Your Galvanized Metal Garden Bed

If you do not like the heat of the galvanized metal to be transferred to the plants, then it is better for you to place your galvanized raised garden bed in a Shady area. In that way, it is not going to absorb the heat and will allow the plants to grow really easily.

This is how you can create a planter box for your raised bed garden. You can also use a Standard size L-Shaped Garden Bed for your garden area.

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