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Importance of Solving Sample Papers before CBSE 2023 Board Exams

The CBSE date sheet is out, and students have a lot to prepare for in a very short period of time. Students may become very confused as they have to prepare for 5-7 subjects. Each subject has a different exam pattern and question structure. The CBSE Board exam plays a very crucial role in a student’s life because it determines their higher studies and career plan.

In the case of Class 10, board exams play a crucial role as students have to decide their preferred field of higher studies on the basis of the marks secured, whereas in the case of Class 12, the marks secured play a huge role in determining the college or university that one can apply in for their studies. It is important to solve the CBSE Sample Papers to understand the board exam pattern thoroughly.

How Does Solving Sample Papers Help in Scoring Well in CBSE Board Exams?

Sample papers are framed in a similar pattern as that of the board exam question paper. Students are advised to solve the sample question papers before appearing for the examination because of the following reasons. 

1. Understand the exam pattern

Sample papers are framed exactly in the same format as that of the CBSE Board exam question paper. Students will be able to understand the marking scheme and different sections of a question paper by solving sample papers.

2. CBSE sample papers give an idea about the type of questions 

CBSE Board question papers are usually divided into four sections. Each section has a different marking allotment and difficulty level of questions. By attempting the CBSE sample papers, students will get an idea of how they have to answer different types of questions according to the weightage of marks.

3. CBSE sample papers help to increase speed in attempting questions

Once students attempt a sufficient number of CBSE Class 12 sample papers, their speed to answer the questions will automatically increase, as they will become experts in answering different types of questions.

4. CBSE sample papers help in clearing doubts

There may be many doubts which do not come to mind while completing the syllabus, but once students start solving the questions, they might arise in their minds. While solving sample questions, students can ask their queries to their teachers and clear them. This also helps to keep a check on whether the students have covered all the topics or not.

5. CBSE sample papers help to boost confidence

Once students get familiar with the type of questions which might be asked in the exam, they will be able to overcome their fear. Solving sample papers help in clearing their doubts, and thus the concepts become stronger. This, in turn, helps to boost the confidence of students.

Students are advised to learn all the concepts and topics in the textbook before solving the sample question papers.  On the official website, students may also download the CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 for each subject separately and solve them to gain a better understanding. This will help them understand the types of questions that frequently appear on the board exam. 

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