Preparing for the NEET Biology Section

Preparing for the NEET Biology Section

The National Eligibility Entrance Test, NEET, is India’s most registered examination. More than 15 lakh students appear for this examination, which is conducted annually. This year, the examination will take place on May 7, 2023.

As per the exam pattern, NEET is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is the only entrance examination which offers admission to medical courses provided by the medical universities of India. The NEET question paper carries 200 questions, of which students need to attempt 180 questions.

The examination is conducted for 720 marks, of which the NEET Biology section carries 360 marks. In this article, we have shared some tips on how to study for the Biology section.

How to Prepare for the NEET Biology

Many students question whether scoring a perfect 360 in the Biology section is possible. The answer is yes; you can achieve a perfect 360 in the NEET examination. The difficulty level is there, but you can score easily if your preparation is intense. Below are some tips that will help you achieve well in examinations.

  • Marks weightage and syllabus: Check each chapter’s syllabus and marks weightage. Prioritise the learning process according to that and then work accordingly.
  • Schedule: Making a timetable is very important, as it helps to check all the chapters you need to learn and cover them on time. Don’t forget to plan time for tests and revision.
  • Proper study materials: Find the right notes, reference books and question banks. Don’t go overboard with lots of books; it will make the learning process confusing.
  • Make notes: Write down all the essential points in a concise format. Add diagrams and bulletins to create a flowchart which is easy to learn.
  • Test: Check your understanding of concepts regularly by solving questions based on them. Take small tests to assess your strength and weakness.
  • Practice: Practise the complex questions as much as possible. Getting familiar with questions helps to boost confidence at the time of examination.
  • Breaks: Don’t forget to take a rest. Take short intervals while studying. It gives your brain time to absorb and store what you have learnt in your memory. Avoid watching screens during breaks; rather, go for short walks, listen to music or talk to your friends or parents.
  • Proper diet: It is scientifically proven that a nutritional diet makes your mind and body more healthy. You feel energetic, and your attention span also increases.

The Importance of Mock Tests

After completing the syllabus, students are often advised to take mock tests. The reasons why NEET Biology mock tests will help you score well in exams are mentioned below.

Check knowledge: It helps you understand where you are standing regarding concept comprehension and problem-solving abilities.

Management skills: Solve the mock tests as if you are appearing for an actual examination. Record the time taken to solve the problems and then work on increasing your speed to avoid any issues on the examination day.

Resolve issues: It helps you become aware of doubts you didn’t have before. Mark these questions and clarify them from your teacher for better understanding.

Boost confidence: Once you are able to solve all the questions, you feel confident. It also helps to familiarise yourself with exam patterns and language in which questions can be asked, so you don’t get confused on the examination day.

So, don’t forget to take mock tests to prepare for the examination. Also, don’t forget to check out the NEET cut-off of previous years, as it helps to determine the percentile required to take admission to your preferred university/college. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to give mock tests?

It is advisable to take mock tests, as it gives a better idea of how the questions will come in the examination.

Where can I find mock tests?

Mock tests are available on the NEET NTA’s official website. Interested students can visit the website and appear for the mock test. The result will be displayed after you submit all the answers.

Are mock tests similar to actual question papers?

Yes, NEET mock tests are similar to actual question papers. Make sure to check out the ones available on trusted websites only.

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